Booking Conditions

General short-term rental agreement:

The tenant declares that he/she has read and understood the current General terms and conditions of the rental agreement when paying the booking amount.

1. Number of guests:
The holiday home must not be occupied by more people than the number stated on the website. The number of occupants will be equivalent to the number of regular beds in each property. In case of the possibility of accommodating additional guests on sofa beds, folding beds or other, this is specified in the property description, or clients are informed by e-mail on their request.

2. Arrival and departure time at the holiday home:
If nothing else is stated on the website, the brochure, the price list or in the rental agreement, the check-in time on the arrival date is 15:00 local time and the check-out time on the departure date is 11:00 local time. No refund of rental can be given for delayed arrival or early departure, and no responsibility can be accepted if the holiday home is not available due to the provision of any incorrect flight/arrival details.

3. Cleaning, towels, and bed linen:
Cleaning of the property is on daily basis, and the change of the bed linen and bath towels is twice a week. Towels and linen are provided for all listed villas and apartments, however, we do not provide spa, beach or poolside towels. If towels or bed linen are not returned in an acceptable condition, this will result in the loss of a part or the whole security deposit.

4. Transfers:
Transfers are provided from and to airports and are at the tenant’s expense. The transfers are organized by SSVR, but provided by a third-party company, depending on the group size. It is the tenant's liability to provide correct information related to the number of guests, date, and arrival hour so that a proper transfer can be arranged by the rental company.

5. Paying the damage deposit:

Depending on the type of property, the client is required to pay together with the reservation deposit on the arrival day, a damage deposit of 50.00 to 200.00 euros. The damage deposit can be doubled, if the holiday home is rented to youth groups (people under 25 years) and around the holidays - Christmas and New Year rentals. It is fully refundable after or on your departure, as long as no damages were made to the property during the stay. Damage will be considered as not leaving the property in a similar condition to the original. Any costs for SSVR to bring the property to a presentable condition, associated with additional cleaning, wasted towels, linens, etc., will be deducted from the damage deposit.

6. Cancellations, replacements and corrections, made by the renters: Standard Rate: To receive a full refund, you must cancel your reservation within 14 days prior to check-in; Free Cancellation: To receive a full refund, you must cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to check-in; Non-refundable: Amounts paid for the reservation are non-refundable.
7. Responsibilities of the tenants:
By accepting the property keys, the tenants are responsible to take care of the property, following the property rules (please, check below the property rules) and the public peace policy in Bulgaria and the rules and regulations of the property or resort. At the discretion of a representative of the property, such as accommodation owners or management, if tenants' behavior disturbs the peace of neighbors or others, is disrespectful to the property and causes damage, we may terminate your holiday arrangements with SSVR. We will not be liable to make alternative arrangements for other accommodation, to cover any costs, which you may incur, or to make any refunds.

8. Responsibilities of SSVR:
It is the responsibility of the tenant to inform SSVR of any fault immediately after becoming aware of it. The tenant is obliged to give SSVR or his representative reasonable time to correct and/or repair the fault. SSVR could not be held responsible if the tenant leaves the property without informing SSVR or the representative of any fault and/or without giving the reasonable time to repair the fault, and/or without giving the possibility to SSVR of moving the tenant to another holiday home.

SSVR is not liable for any changes, which do not affect the holiday home directly, such as fishing rights, swimming possibilities at the beach, closing roads, shops, bus stops, restaurants, public facilities, etc.

SSVR is not liable for changes in weather conditions, which may affect your holiday.

SSVR cannot be held responsible or liable for regional water and electricity supply problems, which are beyond their control, or any failure or breakdown of any of the holiday home installations/mechanical equipment, for blocking of drains and sewage system or for the presence of insects or other pests. But we will use our best endeavors to arrange prompt repairs and to provide full assistance with solving the problem.

SSVR shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, or accidents that may happen as a consequence of the use of the property by the client or the property swimming pool, including damages and losses because of fires, robbery or criminal behavior.
Property and area information:

Dear clients, the following additional information about the general property and area conditions gives you more details and we do highly recommend you read all of it carefully before booking. A copy of these can be found in the rental property upon arrival.

1. Air-conditioning:
Where the property has an air-conditioner, it will usually be wall-mounted units in bedrooms and lounges. Please, only use them when necessary and only when windows and doors are closed, to ensure that they can work effectively. When you are out of the property, please make sure that you have turned off all units before you left.

2. Arrival time:
Usually, guests will not be allowed to enter the holiday home until 15:00 o'clock local time on the arrival date. If you arrive earlier, you may be allowed only to leave your luggage until the property is ready.

3. Beds, baby cots and bed linen:
Beds are standard sizes unless a discrepancy is specifically mentioned. Baby cots are provided in all properties. Bed linen and bath towels are available in each of the properties offered. Beach or spa towels are not available at any of the properties. Please, remember to bring your own.

4. Cars:
We highly recommend you to rent a car, because the distance between all our rental properties and the local attractions (beach, ski slopes, local amenities, etc) is about 3 – 15 km. It is highly recommended to hire a car in advance. During the high season months, finding an available car could be a problem. If you consider coming with your own car, please check the parking possibilities for the chosen property.

5. Cleaning:
Properties are cleaned daily. Kitchen and kitchen appliances will not be cleaned during the mid-stay visit and washing of personal clothes is not offered. When leaving the property, it is expected to be found in a condition close to that in which it was found.

6. Animals and insects:
Many of our properties are located in forest or green areas, and you might be visited by the animals living nearby. Ants are attracted by food left around, so it is in your own interest to keep your property as clean as possible.

7. Departure time:
All properties must be vacated by 11:00 am on the day of your departure, so we have enough time to prepare them for the next guests. When possible, we will ensure your later checkout, but only after checking with your villa manager on the spot.

8. Electricity and water:
They are expensive resources, so please, be considerate. You can easily save water by shutting the tap while brushing your teeth or using the washing machine and dishwasher only at full capacity. Electrical supplies can be erratic and water pressure can drop considerably at times, especially in the high summer season. It might not be possible to use several electrical appliances at the same time.

9. Gardens:
Usually, the gardens are roughly mown grass and in rarer cases gardens in British style. BBQs is sometimes smaller than yours at home or are more likely to be moveable outside grills. Garden tables and chairs are provided in most of the properties. Lounges might be less than the capacity of the property and these do not always have cushions or mattresses. If mattresses are provided, please have in mind to cover them with a pool or beach towels while using them. A gardener may visit your property to attend to the garden once or twice a week – please allow the access as it is for your and future guests' benefit.

10. Gas:
Gas supply is not available at any of the offered holiday properties.

11. Dangers:
Where possible all potential risks will be indicated in the description or on the property. Where any such indication or warning is given, it is your responsibility to act with all due care and attention toward all members of your group. It is also understood that obvious dangers, such as pool, open well, access to the main road, etc. will incur the same responsibility on you, whether a warning is stated in the description or in the property, or not.

12. Heating:
Unless otherwise stated in the property description, the presented properties do not have central heating. The ones that are available in the low summer or in the winter season will usually have electric heating – heaters or combined cold/hot air conditioners.

13. Help:
If you encounter any problems with your holiday property, you should contact the villa/property manager in first place. Please, check their contact details by arriving.

14. High children's chairs:
When possible, a highchair is provided in the property free of charge. Please, let us know, so we can inform you in which property such is available. Tenants accept them at their own risk as these might not cover your national safety standards.

15. House:
The houses reflect the local style.

16. Insurance:
We do highly recommend that you take personal travel insurance, and you must ensure, that all members of your group are covered for any accidental damage and have personal liability during your stay. We strongly recommend you have both personal and car breakdown insurance if taking your own car.

17. Keyholders:
Managers or keyholders will be at the property on your arrival or may visit you during your stay.

18. Party numbers:
It is essential that you let us know the exact age of the people in your group – separated by adults, children (2 – 12 years) and kids (up to 2 years), prior to your arrival. If you don’t do this, the property will not be properly prepared for your group. We reserve the right to refuse admission if more people than advised occupy the property. Parking of caravans in the garden to increase the number of guests over the maximum allowed is strictly forbidden.

19. Pets:
In general, pets are not welcome in any of the properties advertised on our website. Exceptions are possible only after prior agreement. If you receive confirmation that a pet is allowed, a double damage deposit may occur. It will cover any damages to the property inside or the garden of the holiday home.

20. Privacy:
Many properties are in residential or villa areas and have neighbors nearby. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee absolute privacy in your accommodation all of the time. You need also to consider the public policy in the country for not disturbing your neighbors with loud activities.

21. Rubbish:
You will be required to take your rubbish each second day out to a nearby collection point. Check with the representatives the location of the closest one to your property. This is required not only for hygiene reasons but also to reduce the risk of unpleasant odors and insects around the property.

22. Safety:
We make every effort to ensure that your property is safe, but you must take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of everyone in your group during the holiday. On arrival day, please familiarize yourself with the property and the grounds. Make children aware of hazards, such as drops, balconies, and especially the swimming pool. Pools should have depth marks either in or close to the pool. Check these out so that all members of your group are aware of them. Private swimming pools are never big or deep enough for diving. If depth markings are missing, please ask your villa manager or key holder for details and try out the pool carefully first, so that everyone in your group is familiar with it. Within the property, make children aware of risks such as balconies, open stairs, hidden steps, etc. Never let children climb on balcony railings or walls and keep windows and doors to balconies closed when not being used. On your arrival, please ask the villa manager, house representatives, or key holder to show you how to operate with kitchen appliances, house security system, or any other equipment like a jacuzzi, safe deposit box, etc. Please, have the same level of property security as you would at home – always lock the doors and the windows, turn on the house alarm when you leave the property and keep the entrance door locked when you are in the house or by the pool.

23. Security deposits, property inventory and damages:
The deposits vary from 50.00 up to 200.00 euros, depending on the property type. It should be paid with the booking deposit or to be handed over to the property manager/key holder on the arrival date. This also varies according to the property, and it is explicitly declared in the information you receive when booking a property. The damage deposits are fully refundable only when the properties are checked by the property manager/key holders and no damages are caused to the holiday home. During your stay at the holiday home, please report to the house manager all damages or breakages – noticed on your arrival or caused by you.

24. Swimming pools:
It is important to familiarize yourself and your group with the swimming pool before you use it. Diving is strictly forbidden in all pools in private villas, as pools are rarely big or deep enough. Dimensions are usually 8 m / 4 m / 1,60 m or 10 m / 5 m / 1,60 m, but they may vary for each property. Be aware that about 3 hours after the pool is chemicalized, it is strictly forbidden to enter. During the rest of the time, to prevent allergic reactions between sun creams and water chemicals, using the pool is allowed only after taking a shower. It is highly recommended to take a shower after using the pool too. Although properly maintained, certain climate conditions (heavy rain, storm, etc) can affect the balance and cause the pool to turn green or cloudy. If so, please let the property manager know immediately and adjustments will be made, although water can sometimes take 2 – 3 days to turn into its natural color again. This is beyond anybody’s control and no compensation will be paid. Please, be aware that because of the weather in the country, pools are open from early May until late September. It might be possible that the pool is not available in the low or off seasons months.
In the heated pools – where a pool has heating, you should be aware that the temperature is up from 3 to 5 degrees and is rarely above 22 degrees. It will never reach bath temperature! Heated pools need to be covered when not in use to maintain their warmth. Many pool heating systems are solar-powered so after a few cloudy days the water temperature will cool down.

25. Televisions:
Where the description mentions satellite or cable TV, this may not mean that all channels you are used to are available. Please, do not expect the full digital range.

26. Roads and access to the properties:
Some roads can also be steep. Where a description state walking distance to amenities, this is not necessarily along a road with pavement or street lighting.

27. Visitors with mobility difficulties:
Due to the local terrain and access to some of the facilities, most of the locations are not suitable for visitors with walking problems.

28. Washing machines and dishwashers:
Please, follow the instructions for using these available. You might be liable for any damages, caused by the misuse of any such appliances. Clients are expected to purchase appropriate substances for use of these appliances during their stay, as such is not provided on your arrival.

29. Water supply:
Water is a scarce resource in countries with higher temperatures and can run dry in the summer. Local authorities may impose a water regime for several hours a day. This is obviously beyond our control and we would like to ask you to be considerate of others when using water and to take showers rather than baths. This water restriction can also apply to the filling of pools.

Property rules in short:
- The gardener and the pool man visit the properties once or twice a week and by schedule when required.

- The property is cleaned on daily basis, and bed linen and bath towels are changed on the 3rd day of your stay. If something additional is not arranged in advance, cleaning starts between 10:30 - 11:30.

- If needed, your property manager will organize the address registered for you on the day after your arrival (it’s a requirement to register visitors at the local government office). Please, assist the property manager by collecting your passports in advance.

- Please, do not take objects out of the villa, and remember that you are responsible for any damaged or lost goods, damage to the property, or damage to anything else related to the property. You are liable for the actions of other people in your group, including any guests or visitors you might have, within the house. We remind you that moving the house furniture from one room to another may cause damage and it is highly recommended not to do so.

- Faults that are found during your holiday have to be reported to your property manager as soon as possible. You will have the full support of your property manager to fix these faults as soon as practically possible.

- We offer 24-hour assistance to our guests, but please, use the 24-hours line between 22:00 and 07:00 only in case of emergency.

- Please, keep the property tidy during your holiday and make sure that at the end of your vacation you leave the home in a similar condition to how you found it. Any additional cleaning costs incurred by the company might be deducted from the guests' damage deposit.

- Smoking is tolerated in the outside areas - balconies, garden, around the pool, etc.

- Please note, that using the pool is possible only after taking a shower. If it is found that glass has been broken in or around the pool, this will result in the loss of some or all of your security deposit.

- Please, be aware of the public peace policy in Bulgaria - during the hours 14:00 - 16:00 and 22:00 - 08:00 any party or loud activities might not be tolerated by your neighbors. During these hours, any people disturbed by noisy entertainment are free to call the local police for assistance.

- Please, have in mind that the holiday home is at your disposal only until 11:00 am on the day of your departure. In case of a need for a later departure time, please talk with your property manager about the possibility of a late check-out from the villa.